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Be Found eBook

eBooks to download !

This eBook tells you what you need to do to get the search engines to register your web site. The author created his first web site in 1995 and has gathered ten years of experience into this publication to help you.

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The Freeview Bible

Tells you all you need to know about installing your Freeview aerial, cable and receiver to receive UK digital TV without problems.

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Stop Work - Get rich. Who wants to learn The Lazy Man's Way to Making Big Money Online? 70 pages of information. Get this FREE bonus report! "Make Money at Weekends" gives you tips about making money to supplement your "day job" earnings or to keep you going while you get your main business running.

Get your web site seen by search engines. "Be Found". You want your web site to be found? The eBook contains a multitude of tips that I've picked up during the last five years of designing and using web sites. Many of these tips have never been mentioned previously, yet they are extremely important to the success of your web site!

Guide to Partitioning Hard Drives. Brendan Rowland wrote this guide when Yorkshire Mac User Group members were struggling to partition Hard Drives on their new Macs.

Guide to Unix and MacOSX by Brendan Rowland.

The Photographer's Book of Smiles - ideal present. John Everett is a professional photographer who also writes DIY articles for Scroll Saw magazine, Woodworking magazine and many others. He has compiled this book of humorous limericks which all refer to photography. If you know someone who is into photography and has a sense of humour, this will make an ideal present. Fully illustrated by John himself.

Plants without Pain or Pesticides. You will probably agree that a hilltop five hundred feet above sea level in North Yorkshire is not the ideal place to grow your own fruit and vegetables. But that's precisely where the author grew bumper crops of peas, beans, potatoes, tomatoes and many other plants - much to the annoyance of his farming neighbours who were struggling to grow anything at all! Find out how he did it with plants, pesticides or even digging. Discover why you should be cultivating nettles.

Valet Cars for Profit. Tim Duncombe served his time as a chauffeur and valet. His professional tips and information will help you to start your own business. Nobody is pretending that you can earn pots of money without hard work. But, if you are fit and keen, Tim's invaluable lessons will set you on the road to earning a very decent living. In addition, you'll meet some very wealthy people and they do say that "wealth rubs off"!

Bending Buffalo Horn (for stick makers). Keith Pickering has been making walking sticks for many years - first as a hobby and then as a business. He offers weekend courses and also writes books about the subject. This booklet describes the method he uses to bend buffalo horn to make one type of stick handle. How to Make a Border Collie Crook (for stick makers).

A Beginner's Guide to Electronics. You'll find this in the FREE section! How to Use a Multimeter. By popular request this eBook has been written to explain the most basic uses of a multimeter with extensive use of photographs to show the methods in detail. There's nothing complicated in this eBook. It sticks to simple activities like checking batteries, resistors, diodes and capacitors; measuring voltage and current.

Practical Electronics Magazine Index

An almost complete index of this popular electronics magazine from 1964 to 1984.

Sky Digibox User Guide. This User Manual is the ideal solution if you've bought a Sky Digibox without one. Explains all the features of a Standard Digibox including "secret" menus.

How to Fit Extra TV Points You already have a working Freeview system but you want to add extra TV aerial sockets in other rooms? Not sure what cable or sockets to buy? Tempted to go buy one of those pretty "eye candy" multiple-output-booster thingies from your nearest D.I.Y. store? You might be wasting your money. This eBook explains how to do it properly. Download it now.

Piping TV Around the House. Do you know how to connect your aerial, Satellite receiver, TV, Video recorder, DVD player, Freeview receiver and loft distribution amplifier? Do you want to be able to watch ALL programmes in every room of the house? Do you want to use your remote controls anywhere in the house? Do you need basic connection diagrams? Are you planning to buy all the items to do it yourself?

How to Install a Free Satellite TV System in the USA (and Canada). This eBook deals with aspects of installing a satellite TV system in the USA and Canada. You can not receive UK (Sky) satellite TV anywhere in the USA because the UK satellites (Astra-2) are below your horizon. However, you CAN receive a few free English broadcasts and a lot of free foreign broadcasts with a suitable digital receiver, "universal" LNB and - in many places - quite a small dish. If you are an "alien" in the USA or Canada, this eBook is for you!

Understanding Sky Digital TV - FREE. Including Free To Air and Free To View programmes. This FREE 65 page eBook is available for download in the form of a ".pdf" file which you can then read on screen or print out . Everything you need to know about Sky Digital.

Installing Sky Digital TV (including Free To Air and Freesat) in UK and Europe. Do you know what size dish; what sort of cable; connectors, which receiver is best for in/outside the UK; how to align the dish; how to disguise the dish? Do you know about special disguised dishes such as the digiglobe? Are you planning to buy all the items to do it yourself? Do you understand the implications of a SKY-Plus system? Maybe you'd prefer to install the cables yourself before the installer comes. Perhaps you'd like to have wall plates, white, or brown cable instead of black? Or must it be linked to an apartment distribution system? Must your dish go on the balcony? Will you paint the dish? Do you know how to use a ladder safely? Do you need planning permission? Can you even receive a signal in your area? Do you think the dish needs to be high up or will it work at ground level?

Repair your TV - TV repair money saving tips.

You should read this book before you buy or before your TV goes faulty - as it inevitably will! Includes advice on how to avoid problems, fix simple faults, fix remote controls, getting your TV repaired and buying a new TV. Includes many money-saving tips. Intended for the UK reader but many points are applicable to all countries. (Several repair shop owners asked me not to publish this booklet because they think it will lose them business!)

The Freeview Bible for UK terrestrial digital TV installation. So you need a new aerial and are wondering what to buy? Or you've heard about this "Freeview digital" and "Topup TV" but you've no idea what it is? Maybe you aren't sure if a D.I.Y. aerial installation is safe or even possible and you have no idea what brackets, aerials or cable might be suitable? Perhaps you don't know the difference between a computer font (arial), a brand of washing powder (Ariel) and a bunch of aluminium sticks (aerial)? Well, this book covers most of what you need to know in the simplest possible way. A real "dummy's guide"! Do you need advice on ladder safety, installing cables, which aerial to use, which receiver? In fact, is Freeview available in your area? Would you like to know how to mount an aerial safely on a wall or chimney? How long the mast should be? Distance between brackets? Why a cable loop is needed? How to splice a steel lashing rope into a loop for J bolts? Perhaps you'd like to have wall plates, white, or brown cable instead of black? What sort of cable is required for digital signals? Can you use your existing cable, connectors, amplifier?

Sky Digital in Spain and Southern Europe. Salvador Ferrairo Castella spent weeks carrying out tests with various LNBs and dishes between Valencia and Alicante. This eBook is a report of his findings. What size of dish and which LNB works best (Invacom quad) and why? Complete with photographs including the dishes, LNBs, the ground station where he did the work and the equipment that he used to analyse the signals.

Repairing Sky Digital Receivers. Common problems and cures listed - many of which you can fix yourself with only the remote control handset or a soldering iron. Plus lots of general repair information including how to recognise various components. Repairing satellite Receivers (General Information).

A Beginner's Guide to Receiver Repair. Based on the original "Screwdriver Expert's Guide to Satellite Receivers" this eBook describes the basic components and a typical power supply with diagrams and explanations. Shows how to solder and describes what to check and measure. Includes a basic guide to tracing the cause of a fault. It won't make you an expert but, if you are capable of soldering in components supplied as a kit, it will take you one step further so you understand why you are doing it and even help you figure out other possible fault causes and cures. If you buy a repair kit, you need this eBook. Installing Analogue Satellite TV.

Satellite Secrets Revealed! All about Analogue satellite TV installations. Although Sky analogue broadcasts ceased in September 2001, there are still lots of programmes broadcast in analogue. This eBook answers your questions. What sort of dish, cable, connectors, receivers. Installation guide - How to install. Tricks of the trade. Money-saving advice. ... 112 page eBook filled with colour photographs and easy-to-understand explanations.

Each month "Jack Armstrong" wrote a monthly "Satellite Workshop" column for "Television Servicing" magazine. We've compiled some of the original, unedited versions - that means they are longer and funnier than the published versions. They may contain errors or stories which have never appeared in print. They might also contain the odd note to the editor!

Remember the BBC Microcomputer? You've heard of it - now read about it for free!

Interbase Programming for the BBC Micro. Unless you have a BBC Microcomputer with an InterBase ROM this eBook will be utterly useless to you. But if you DO have these, it's the ultimate "bible" for programming.

Electric Shock. All about electrostatic electricity. Do you get a shock when you step out of the car, touch a metal object or electrical equipment?

A visit to Ikea (humourous). A letter was written in 1988 following a trip to the newly opened IKEA store near Warrington. Since that time, things have changed but read the letter to find out how it was then. At that time our boys were still very young.

A visit to Austria in 1984. We took our two boys to Kitzbuhel in austria in 1984. My wife describes the journey by plane and coach, what we did, what we visited and our return. Not as humourous as Ikea but interesting.

About Elliot - an Autobiography by Hugo. Originally sold at but now available for free download.

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