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Use Eproms to convert your radio

The CB EPROM Data eBookFree

The CB EPROM Data Book

Advanced frequency modification techniques by Martin Pickering B. Eng.

Eproms are often associated with modern microcomputer technology and thought to be equally as complex! However, far from making life complicated, Eproms are as easy to use as any other electronic component and can make simple work of an otherwise difficult circuit. Using simple language and a good selection of diagrams, this eBook explains how to make effective use of Eprom technology in modern CB radios.

By covering a previously unexplained topic, this eBook will prove to be an invaluable complement to the popular reference manual "The CB PLL DATA BOOK".

This eBook is essential reading for anyone wanting to convert a CB radio to work on the American "Novice" Band, or 10 meter Amateur Band. Of course, once you understand the basic principles, you can figure out how to get other bands, too!

Some of the topics covered are:-

  • Fundamentals of Eprom operation - internal storage, Hexadecimal, Conversion tables.
  • Choosing the right device - Outputs, Transistor inverter, Input voltage, Output voltage.
  • Practical examples - The Cobra 148 on 10 Meters, Cobra 146 GTL, President Adams, Ham International multi-modes, general purpose Eprom board.
  • Programming Eproms, erasing Eproms, pinouts of popular Eprom devices, Decimal to binary conversion, 'N'-code tables for popular CB radios.

Increasing the frequency range by "pulse subtraction" using ordinary logic chips - a complete example with circuit and explanation is given for 10 metre conversion.