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Install your own Digital USA TV system

This eBook deals with aspects of installing a satellite TV system in the USA and Canada. You can not receive UK (Sky) satellite TV anywhere in the USA because the UK satellites (Astra-2) are below your horizon. However, you CAN receive a few free English broadcasts and a lot of free foreign broadcasts with a suitable digital receiver, "universal" LNB and - in many places - quite a small dish. If you are after free TV in the USA or Canada, this eBook is for you!


Last major update: October 29, 2006

Over 90 pages of useful information and professional tips.

But you are English!

Yeah, right. Why would an English author write a book about American satellite TV? Well, I've been in the satellite TV business since 1989. I've written many books and articles on the subject. I guess I'm famous (and modest, too!)

Several American and Canadian people have asked me "where can I get a book like your "Installing UK Sky Digital TV" that covers satellite TV in the USA? I've searched and can't find one!"

I couldn't answer their question. I looked and I couldn't find one, either.

So I went over to visit my friend who lives in the USA. He'd written dozens of technical books and was well clued-up. He would know.

He didn't. "I think you have to call DirecTV or someone. I've got cable TV. I don't need satellite. I know nothing about it."

So I hunted around the shops and they gave me leaflets about Pay TV.
But I wanted to know how to receive programmes for FREE!
We can receive THOUSANDS of them in Europe so what was going on?

I returned to the UK and got involved with other things and forgot about it for a couple of years. But the questions kept coming.

Eventually I employed a researcher in the USA. She told me "the only way is to install a Big Ugly Dish (BUD) to get C-Band programmes."

"Bullshit, that can't be right. Please look again!"

Eventually she came up with the goods. You certainly CAN get free programmes with a small dish, a "universal LNB" and a suitable FTA digital receiver. Now, I won't pretend this book is complete. There's a lot more information out there. But I hope this will help you to find it.

You really NEED to read this eBook before you spend any money. We don't WANT you to buy anything until you have a complete understanding of all the possibilities. This eBook is going to SAVE YOU MONEY AND TIME. That's guaranteed. And there's no risk because, if you don't like the eBook, we give you your money back! How many other dealers offer you so much information at such a small price with a money-back guarantee?

What is an "eBook" anyway?

An "eBook" is actually a computer file which uses "Portable Document Format" developed by Adobe.

Almost all computers already have a free program called "Acrobat Reader" to view or print out these books.

But buying things on the Internet isn't safe!

Paypal takes your payment details on a secure server that nobody else can access. They never leave the server. They don't get emailed. There is no possibility that anyone else will get your details.

What if the eBook is no use to me?

We give a no-quibble money-back guarantee. Simply send an email to our Sales department stating "I have erased all copies of your (title) eBook. Please give me a full refund". They will do this right away.

So how soon will you send my eBook?

We don't send it. If you pay by Paypal, without omitting any important details (such as your name!), the "shopping cart" will automatically send you to a web page address where you can download your eBook immediately!

You are thinking to yourself, "I can get this information simply by searching the Internet." Well, maybe, but here it is all in one place; why bother? And, although a lot of the information is out there somewhere, how long will it take you to find it and collate it so you can understand it? Bear in mind that there is also a lot of BAD information out there. People are probably well-intentioned but they just plain get it WRONG.

Or perhaps you can find a pirate copy that you don't have to pay for; or a cheaper copy on Ebay? Well, maybe you can, but it will be ILLEGAL and OUT OF DATE. Which means the information is wrong. Worse than worthless, because it's misleading. It will waste your valuable time. You might even buy something you don't need.

I keep this eBook updated. Every time I hear of a change, I rewrite the eBook. And you get free lifetime updates when you buy it!

So if you want the most up to date information, buy it now.

You are probably asking yourself: "How does he know about satellite TV anyway? How can I trust him to get it right? Is it worth what he's asking? And why should I pay for freely available information anyway?

OK, I'm a 62 year old university qualified Electronics Engineer. I've repaired over 25,000 satellite receivers before I retired from the repair business. I have countless friends who are installers. For three years I was Technical Manager for the biggest satellite TV distribution warehouse in the UK. I've written and published REAL printed books about satellite TV which cost a lot more than this one. I get people writing to me with information every week and I answer a lot of questions about satellite TV each day, too. I write most of the "Troubleshooter" pages in "What Satellite & Digital TV" magazine and I've written articles for other magazines, too.

Benefit from my knowledge now!

Why should you pay? Because I've spent months of my time researching and checking this information. It took months to compile it and to gather photographs to illustrate it.

So here's your chance to buy this information.

Maybe you are thinking "It's not worth it. I can get a local installer to do the installation real cheap".

This is sometimes true if you want to sign the PayTV contract.

But it's not true if you want the dish installed in an awkward place (above normal ladder height, on a roof, on a narrowboat, or in a trailer.

Are you sure the budget-price installer will use the high quality cable and connectors? Will you get the exact Receiver model that you want? Will the installation be neat with hidden cables and the operation carefully explained?

In this case it's better to do it yourself, with the help of a friend. And this eBook empowers you to do it!