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Learn How to use a multimeter

How to Use a Multimeter

By popular request this eBook has been written to explain the most basic uses of a multimeter with extensive use of photographs to show the methods in detail. There's nothing complicated in this eBook. It sticks to simple activities like checking batteries, fuses, resistors, diodes and capacitors; measuring voltage and current.

I guarantee you'll be delighted with this amazing eBook full of information!

Available direct from Amazon UK or Amazon USA

How to...
  • Connect the meter
  • Select a range
  • Check a car battery
  • Check an ordinary battery
  • Check a fuse
  • Check a resistor
  • Check a diode
  • Check a small value capacitor
  • Check a Power Supply Unit
  • Check a bulb
  • Check for a short-circuit
  • Check coaxial cable
  • Measure voltage
  • Measure current
  • Test an LED

Hello Martin

My son is an electrician by trade and gave me his METROTEST MDM601 Multimeter. The instructions for its use are in French ! so not much use to an English speaking DIY enthusiast like me. My use of the meter is rather infrequent but when I do - out comes your ebook.

Absolutely faultless book of instruction and I have nothing but praise and recommendation for your publication. So far for me, it has answered every use and query in a very straight forward and easily understood way.

Many thanks

D L - Lancing Sussex

You really NEED to read this eBook before you spend any money. This eBook is going to SAVE YOU MONEY AND TIME. That's guaranteed. And there's no risk because, if you don't like the eBook, we give you your money back! How many other dealers offer you so much information at such a small price?

Available direct from Amazon UK or Amazon USA


I found your ebook very good and easy to follow, particularly as I am new to this topic. It gave me some confidence that I lacked. I also liked the clear pictures. Although my multimeter is laid out slightly differently from the illustrations it all made sense.

The only use I have made of it so far is checking batteries and some leds. I will probably it more as I progress on this subject .

Ron Batts

What is an "eBook" anyway?

This "eBook" is actually a computer file for your "Kindle" eBook reader (or Kindle reader on a computer).

Available direct from Amazon UK or Amazon USA

Dear Martin,

Thanks for your Multimeter book.

As with your other very useful, practical and economic booklets,  I've added it to my DIY armoury!

I've looked through it, obviously, and have noticed quite a few interesting details that I didn't know or wasn't sure about. So it's nice to know the info is there when I need it.

I like the light-hearted and informative writing style; makes a nice change. 

Kind regards,

Ed Nelson

You are thinking to yourself, "I can get this information simply by searching the Internet." Well, maybe, but here it is all in one place; why bother? And, although a lot of the information is out there somewhere, how long will it take you to find it and collate it so you can understand it? Bear in mind that there is also a lot of BAD information out there. People are probably well-intentioned but they just plain get it WRONG. You can't trust it. And a lot of the information USED to be correct but now it's out of date - so it's wrong. Why not get the right information right now?

Available direct from Amazon UK or Amazon USA

Hi Martin,

I found "How to use a Multimeter" useful.

I downloaded your (brilliant) "Beginners guide to Electronics" a while ago and was looking for a similar type of instruction manual for using a multimeter.

The ebook is written in the same straight forward style and goes through all the basics clearly. Perhaps some more examples of circuit testing and fault diagnosis would come in handy, and maybe more on domestic household electrics (testing for lighting live/switch cables etc), but then again what do people expect for £2!?

Actually, I don't recommend using a multimeter for testing live mains circuits. It's rather dangerous. You could slip and cause a short circuit, resulting in injury to yourself.

Circuit testing is covered in "How to Repair receivers..."

Or perhaps you can find a pirate copy that you don't have to pay for; or a cheaper copy on Ebay? Well, maybe you can, but it will be ILLEGAL and OUT OF DATE. Which means the information is wrong. Worse than worthless, because it's misleading. It will waste your valuable time. You might even buy something you don't need.

Available direct from Amazon UK or Amazon USA

You are probably asking yourself: "How does he know about this stuff anyway? How can I trust him to get it right? Is it worth what he's asking? And why should I pay for freely available information anyway?

OK, I'm a university qualified Electronics Engineer. I've repaired over 25,000 satellite receivers before I retired from the repair business. I have countless friends who are installers and Tv engineers. For three years I was Technical Manager for the biggest satellite TV distribution warehouse. I've written and published REAL printed books about satellite TV which cost a lot more than this one. I get people writing to me with information every week and I answer a lot of questions about TV each day, too. I write most of the "Troubleshooter" pages in "What Satellite & Digital TV" magazine and I've written articles for other magazines, too.

Benefit from my knowledge now!

Available direct from Amazon UK or Amazon USA



Why should you pay? Because I've spent months of my time researching and checking this information. It took weeks to compile it and to gather photographs to illustrate it.

So here's your chance to buy this information.

Available direct from Amazon UK or Amazon USA

The next eBook in the series is for people who want to repair receivers and similar electronic equipment.